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Oilersnation Radio

Sep 4, 2020

It's Friday afternoon and that means a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio is all wrapped up and set to get you ready for the long weekend. This week, we look at some of the rumours that are circling the Oilers, the goaltending market, the NHL playoffs, and a whole lot more. 

To start off this week's podcast, we looked at the Adam Larsson appearing on the TSN Trade Board and had a discussion about whether or not the veteran d-man will be back with the Oilers for the 2020-21 season (whenever that happens). Seeing as the right-hand side is relatively inexperienced, does it even make sense to make a move from that side in general? Wouldn't it make sense to move someone from the left-hand side instead? Changing gears, we dove into the rumour mill and looked at some of the names that are being tied to the Oilers, including Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Matt Murray. Would it make sense to look at a trade for an RFA with a couple of Cup rings? What would the acquisition cost look like in addition to the new contract he'd have to sign? Even if the Oilers can't get a deal done with the Penguins, there are still plenty of other goaltenders available which makes this an interesting time to be looking for one. From there, we looked at some of the forward rumours that are going around and whether or not Ken Holland should be exploring the opportunity to acquire any of the players that are supposedly available. Lastly, we wrapped up this week's podcast with our Hot and Cold Performers of the week, which is a breakdown of the highs and lows from the past seven days.