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Oilersnation Radio

Oct 26, 2018

Cooom's back in the office for this episode and the boys are back together. The Oilers are coming off a HUGE win against the Washington Capitals last night and that means we're buzzing for this episode. Recording podcasts are much more fun after an Oilers win, who would have thought?

Oct 22, 2018

This week The Squire joined us in replacement of Cooom, as he is currently wandering the streets of Toronto trying to get John Tavares to sign his new jersey or something. Recording this podcast is always a fun time because we always have a full house in the Nation HQ bosses office. In the room today was Baggedmilk,...

Oct 12, 2018

This will definitely go down as one of the crazier episodes we have had so far.  This week's episode tries to bring some semblance of normalcy and understanding to the early (very early) season woes of the local sports team. Is it time to be emotional, is the team what we thought they were? All these questions and more...

Oct 5, 2018

Episode 6: With the Oilers season opener less than 24 hours away, we get super excited in this one talking about projected lineups, injuries, call-ups, and call-downs. The Oil also have some extra cap space with Andrej Sekera placed on the LTIR. We break down what we think each Oiler should do with that extra space, and...