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Oilersnation Radio

Sep 28, 2018

Friends, hello. Welcome back to Oilersnation Radio! We've somehow recorded five episodes of this thing and the content train is ROLLING. This week, with the season right around the corner we talk a lot about the Oilers and the battles for their final roster spot before getting into trips to the emergency room and some...

Sep 21, 2018

Welcome, Nation friends and citizens, to Episode 4 of Oilersnation Radio! This week, we slide into the studio (read: office) to record this week’s podcast with the Oilers rolling through the pre-season on a three-game winning streak so there was plenty of Oilers related news to talk about.

Sep 14, 2018

We're back and more weird than ever. This weeks article contained a lot of good Oiler chat. There have been more updates on the Darnell Nurse Watch that we cover, and we discuss some news regarding Upshall's injury and the Erik Karlsson trade that broke the Internet yesterday.

Sep 7, 2018

Welcome BACK to Oilersnation Radio! We were renewed for a second episode because our audio content was met with unanimous praise and love and admiration!