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Oilersnation Radio

Dec 15, 2018

The boys on the Oilersnation podcast are back this week with the 16th version of the pod.

In this week's episode, Chris unveils the absolute worst way to eat a bowl of Shreddies in the morning and tries to defend his horrible life choice. After recovering from the disaster that is Chris' cereal routine, the boys dove into a recap of the overtime loss in Winnipeg from Thursday night. Considering the way the game ended, we discuss the goalies and the maddening trend of people trying to trade away Talbot when the reality is that the team could run with a pair of competent goaltenders.

Speaking of trades, Terry Jones tweeted that the Oilers should get rid of Hunter the Mascot so we jumped in to defend his honour.

To finish off the episode, Baggedmilk wants everyone to leave Nuge alone and stop trying to trade him, Chris would like you to know why there are so many Canadians in Australia (you may want to skip this part), Andrew Ference's review of the Edmonton Oilers in his time here, and we bid a sweet and sorrowful adieu to Evan the Intern.