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Oilersnation Radio

Feb 7, 2020

Another week is set to wrap up and that means a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio is here and set to lead you into the weekend. This week, we look at Darnell Nurse's next contract, a couple of disappointing losses, and what the hell is going on with our Instagram account.
To kick things off on episode 72, we started with a look at what the hell is going on with our Instagram account. Just over a week ago, we ended up having our account suspended for "impersonation" and we asked the Nation to help us spam Instagram as a means of helping us get it unlocked. The good news was that your help got the job done! The bad news was that we got thrown back in Insta-jail less than 24 hours later. Why? Your guess is as good as ours. Back to the Oilers, we spent a bunch of time looking at Darnell Nurse's upcoming contract and whether or not the team would be better served to do another short-term bridge deal or try to make something work long term. Next up, we tried to make sense of the two losses against the Coyotes and Sharks and figure out what needs to happen to get back on track. With the trade deadline coming up in a couple of weeks, maybe Ken Holland has a move up his sleeve that will not only bolster the roster but also bring this team up to another level. Would Tatar work? What about Kovalchuk? Lastly, we wrapped up the week's podcast with a look at the hot and cold performers of the week in what was another jam-packed episode of Oilersnation Radio.