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Oilersnation Radio

Nov 22, 2018

Friends, family, ladies, gentlemen, children, citizens of the world — we are BACK with more audio content for your ears. It's Oilersnation Radio Episode 13. Listen to this on your commute, at the gym, while you're climbing a mountain, or when you're on a flight to Fargo, North Dakota to take a bus to Winnipeg because Winnipeg doesn't have an airport.

We had Cory O from Sherwood Ford in the mix to produce some hot takes from a new perspective. It was a nice upgrade from Chris the Intern who was upstairs trying to convince people to join his pyramid scheme. This might seem a little confusing because the title is New Daddy in the mix. I don't mean Cory O is the new daddy, I'm talking about Ken Hitchcock.

We talked a lot of Hitchcock and the changes he can make on the team. We dove into some quotes, his past in Dallas, and how he handles millennials. We also updated our predictions on when Milan Lucic will score again. There was also a lot of discussion about last weekend's Nation Trip to Calgary in which many drinks were consumed and many chopsticks were broken.