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Oilersnation Radio

Apr 23, 2021

Happy Friday, everybody! The end of the workweek means we’ve got a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio set and ready to lead you into the weekend, leaving you with all of the Oilers knowledge and takes you could ever hope to have. This week, we looked back at the series against the Habs, McDavid's quest for 100 points, and a whole lot more.

Kicking off today’s episode, we jumped in with a look at this week's Giant Question which revolved around Connor McDavid's quest for 100 points in this shortened season. With 77 points already in the bank and 11 games left to play, it will take one hell of a run to get to the century mark but if there's anyone in the league that can get it done, it would definitely be McDavid. From there, we looked at this week's series against the Montreal Canadiens which was easily one of the most exciting couple of nights of the season. With a split series now in the rearview mirror, we wondered whether the Oilers are built for such a physical style and whether or not they have to engage as much as they did against the Habs or simply focus on their game. Seeing as there were a couple of injuries in that series, we also looked at Dave Tippett's new line combinations that were put together today and practice as well as the new defensive pairings that now feature the newly acquired Dmitry Kulikov. Lastly, we wrapped up this week's podcast with a preview of Monday night's game against the Winnipeg Jets in what could be another playoff preview.