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Oilersnation Radio

Jun 19, 2020

Another week is set to wrap and that means a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio is here to get you set for the weekend. This week, we look at the Connor McDavid rookie card auction, memories from the 2006 Cup run, Pastrnak co-signing Draisaitl's Hart bid, the Lightning closing their training facilities, and more.

To kick off this week's podcast, we jumped in with a look at the mindblowing auction that's happening on a Connor McDavid rookie card right now, and I asked the boys what's the max they'd pay for a piece of memorabilia. The memorabilia talk turned into a conversation about our most random autographs that we have in our collections, which inspired all kinds of laughs and stories that you'll want to hear. Changing gears, today marked the 14 year anniversary of the Oilers' loss in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals so we looked back at the 2006 Stanley Cup run to try and come up with some positive memories from what was unquestionably one of the most fun springs we've had in this city. Looking locally, Tyler spent a few minutes talking about the U of A shutting down its sports program for the season and why more people should care about what this means for local sports. From kids missing out on the chance to play with their friends to university students losing scholarships, the loss of local sports has been some tough news to handle for many many people. Lastly, we finished off this week's podcast with a look at the Tampa Bay Lightning shutting down their training facilities as a result of multiple players catching COVID-19 so we looked at what that means for the NHL as a whole.