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Oilersnation Radio

Aug 8, 2019

It's a hot and sweaty day at Little Brick for the boys of the Oilersnation Radio Podcast, and somehow, some way we convinced a very special guest in the form of Canadian comedy legend, Lars Callieou (@extralars on twitter).


The summer is definitely sinking in so we were happy to have a fresh face in the mix in Lars as well as the return of BaggedMilk from his vacation into the Andes mountains. 

Here's a little taste of what we covered on today's show:

  • Being a comedian when the Oilers have sucked for a lot of years
  • Lars doing a show for hearing and sight-impaired folks on September 19th at the Yellowhead 
  • Where does all the love for @Ales Hemsky come from?
  • @Cam Talbot (and @Milan Lucic) comments about being a Flame now and an Oiler in the past
  • Is it sacrilege to wear 97? Who's wearing 69?
  • Sign, Trade, Remove from history game time
  • @Jesse Puljujarvi Watch, DAY 132
  • Spicy days at the Nation

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