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Oilersnation Radio

Oct 22, 2018

This week The Squire joined us in replacement of Cooom, as he is currently wandering the streets of Toronto trying to get John Tavares to sign his new jersey or something. Recording this podcast is always a fun time because we always have a full house in the Nation HQ bosses office. In the room today was Baggedmilk, The Nation Dan, Evan the Intern, The Squire, Rick from the Pint, Wanye Gretz, and myself all hanging out. We had a ton of things to talk about this week on Oilersnation Radio as the Oilers just beat the Bruins in an overtime thriller. We were a lot more upbeat and positive this episode over last weeks, and you can tell the happy, Oilers spirit was back in our soul. We discuss everything beginning with how quiet Rogers Place was last night, to the Oilers skating through Walterdale bridge, BUYING the Walterdale bridge replica, Yamamoto's first goal, to the Gus vs. Frank pregame picks.